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"Yggdrasil Essence" Framed Bindrune Painting by Peter Oakmund


Immerse yourself in the mystical depths of Norse cosmology with "Yggdrasil Essence," a stunning framed painting by Peter Oakmund. This artwork beautifully captures a bindrune symbolizing Yggdrasil, the cosmic World Tree central to Norse mythology. Each brush stroke by Oakmund weaves a tale of interconnectedness, wisdom, and the enduring nature of life, making this piece a profound addition to any collection.



  • Symbolic Bindrune Artistry: The painting features a unique bindrune that artistically represents Yggdrasil, embodying its qualities of unity, strength, and eternal growth.

  • Crafted and Signed by Peter Oakmund: Renowned for his deep connection to Norse mythology, Oakmund's work brings ancient symbols into contemporary light with a signature on the back of the frame to guarantee authenticity.

  • Elegantly Framed: The painting is set in a tasteful frame that complements its mystical aura, ready to grace the walls of your home or office. Dimensions: 26cm x 21cm

  • Intricate Detail and Depth: Every element of the painting is carefully crafted, inviting viewers to delve into the rich symbolism of Norse legends.

  • Ideal for Mythology Enthusiasts: A captivating piece for anyone fascinated by Yggdrasil, Norse mythology, or the art of bindrunes.

  • Unique Collector's Item: This framed painting is not just a decorative piece but a portal to the ancient world, offering a blend of art, mythology, and spirituality.


"Yggdrasil Essence" by Peter Oakmund is a gateway to the timeless tales of Norse mythology, offering a daily reminder of the profound mysteries and wisdom of the ancient world.