Northern Black is the refined yet unfiltered amalgamation of humans, come together with the purpose of creating something different, something with purpose. Between the main team, consisting of Peter Oakmund, Heywood and Jon, we create tattoos, social media content and artwork in abundance to fill books, decorate t-shirts and much more. And beyond the main team, we have a small army of amazing freelancers, working on art, prints, bindrunes, text-work, webshop and more.

The goal of ours is manyfold - create cool merchandise, share nordic artwork, teach as many people as we can about the history and culture of ancient Scandinavia and Europe, and help build community for the many tattooists and artists who work in the same genre.

Most importantly, we want to make a change. We want to change mindsets, we want to teach others, and you, about nature, balance and rewilding. Therefore, we also run the Replanting Yggdrasil project, still in its'early stages, but we have big plans for this.

And the odd part of all of this - it all happened at random and by accident, but you can read more about that in our upcoming blog!




Left to right.

ADAM - Content creation

MAT - Workhorse tattooist collaborating on large scale tattoo projects with Peter

REBECCA - E-commerce Manager

PETER - Founder of NorthernBlack, author, artist and tattooist

GILL - Webshop God.

Heywood - Content & Media Manager

JON - Head of Graphic design, Editor & Studio Manager

GENEVIEVE - Logistics Manager