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Ravens in Nordic Mythology PDF: 28 Designs by Northern Black


Elevate your appreciation for Nordic mythology with Northern Black's exclusive "Ravens" PDF. This digital collection showcases 28 captivating designs of Ravens, a symbol deeply rooted in Nordic lore as soul-carriers, eye-eaters, and messengers of the gods. Each illustration intricately portrays these majestic birds and their divine connections to figures like Odin, the High One, and the Celtic goddess Morrigan.


  • Mythological Depth: Explore the mystical world of Nordic mythology through 28 unique raven designs, each symbolizing various aspects of these legendary creatures in history and folklore.

  • Divine Connections: The collection includes representations of the gods associated with Ravens, such as Odin and the Morrigan, providing a deeper understanding of their roles in mythological narratives.

  • Instant Access: Receive immediate entry to this digital document, allowing you to explore the artistic representations without delay.

  • Tattoo Inspiration: Ideal for tattoo enthusiasts fascinated by Nordic mythology, these designs offer a rich source of inspiration for unique body art.

  • High-Quality Illustrations: Enjoy detailed and clear artwork in this PDF, ensuring each design is presented with clarity and artistic integrity.

Please Note: The designs in this PDF are intended for personal use only. They are not to be used for commercial purposes or resold.