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Rømersdal Thor's Hammer Pendant with Steel Chain - A Viking Legacy


Embark on a journey through the epic tales of Norse mythology with the "Rømersdal Thor's Hammer Replica Pendant," now elegantly paired with a durable steel chain. This robust steel version of Mjølnir, the iconic symbol of Viking valor and spirituality, is a homage to the legendary weapon of Thor, the god of thunder. Inspired by the esteemed Thor's Hammer found in the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen, this piece is a testament to the enduring spirit and craftsmanship of the Viking age.

Crafted with precision and care, this replica of Mjølnir reflects the legendary power and divine protection associated with Thor's hammer. Created by the skilled dwarf Sindri, despite Loki's interference leading to its short handle, it represents the ultimate might of the gods. It was feared by trolls, giants, and the Jotnarr, believed to return to Thor’s hand when thrown.


Product Details:

  • Dimensions: The pendant boasts a striking size of 35mm by 38mm, designed to stand out as a symbol of faith, courage, and heritage.

  • Material: Made from high-quality, resilient steel, this pendant and chain set is built to last, mirroring the legendary durability and sheen of Thor’s hammer.

  • Steel Chain Included: Complemented with a 290mm matching steel chain, this pendant is ready to wear, bringing a touch of Viking legacy directly to your wardrobe. 


The "Rømersdal Thor's Hammer Replica Pendant with Steel Chain" transcends mere adornment, embodying the ancient strength, divine guardianship, and rich tales of Norse mythology. Wearing this pendant is an ode to the powerful essence of Thor and the indomitable spirit of the Vikings. Make it a part of your collection and carry a piece of history and mythology wherever you go.